Exfoliating the epidermis which removes dead skin cells and reduces fine vellus peach fuzz on the skin. This is a great treatment for patients who are at risk of chemical absorption, (i.e. pregnancy, nursing, or other health condition), or have limited treatment options. $100
Dermaplaning with micropeel $125


A mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis uses both abrasion and suction to gently remove layers of dead cells from the outermost layer of the skin. $110 each or series of 5 for $440.

Chemical Peels (glycolic)

Chemical peels create a controlled burning of the upper layers of the epidermis to improve the appearance of the skin. These types of peels have shown  to refine acne lesions, lessen the appearance of fine lines, smooth texture and lessen hyperpigmentation. $55 each or series of 5 for $220

VI Peel

There is a VI peel available to benefit almost any skin issue, from aging skin including fine lines, and hyperpigmentation to acne prone or scarred skin. The VI peel is a convenient (20 min), nearly painless treatment with minimal down time.  Many people see full results in 1 week following 1 treatment, however multiple treatments may be required.  $350-$425/ treatment

Ask about series pricing.